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Meet D&D


A STYLd LIFE was founded by two Philadelphia natives DeAnna Allen & Diane Godlewski

A STYLd LIFE’s aim is to help women be the best version of themselves by inspiring and empowering them to create a life of authenticity and confidence. DeAnna and Diane believe that a woman’s worth is not defined by the skin she is in, but is seen through the power of who she is and what she is called to do. Through styling, blogging, community events and most recently their concierge service, A STYLd LIFE encourages women to define their lives, careers and wardrobe by their own standards.

A STYLd LIFE has partnered with brands such as ALDO, Rent The Runway, Beverly Johnson Enterprises and Uniquely You Summit and has been highlighted in Uptown Magazine, VIBE Vixen and Essence.com.




Growing up DeAnna used fashion as a means to escape the trouble of her father’s sudden death. Reading fashion magazines for hours at a time was a breakout from reality that caused her to be fascinated by an industry that seemed so far away from her current situation. DeAnna didn't realize at the time but through a struggle her purpose was being molded. DeAnna has learned a great deal about fashion, beauty and style and is eager to share with women around the globe the true essence of personal style.






Being adopted, Diane’s parents instilled in her from a very young age the beauty and importance of being different. This constant affirmation gave her confidence and drove her to explore her creativity and individuality. As an artist, Diane has always been able to see beauty in the irregular. A trash filled alley is just as magnificent as a lush forest. She believes you must first embrace your own uniqueness to start living fulfilled. Diane wants to share her positivity and story to help people take a hold of their own style to change their lives.